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The Indian government will spend an average of Rs 1200 on a citizen through the relief package, the US government will spend an average of Rs 4.55 lakh on a citizen from the package

  • India’s package is just 1.1% compared to the US relief package

There may be more announcements in India

       Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that the relief package released on Thursday will not be the last. The government may make announcements in the future to help companies and other financial institutions struggling with the crisis caused by coronaviruses. If this happens, India’s relief package will get bigger and the per capita help figure will also be better.


India’s relief package compared to America

In rupee terms:

  • The Indian government’s relief package is only 1.1% of the US package.
  • The total economy of the US is $ 21.44 trillion. The Trump government released 2 trillion sums. This amount is 10.72% of the total economy.
  • The per capita income in India is $ 7,060, while the per capita income in the US is $ 60,200.
  • India’s total economy is $ 2.94 trillion. That is, India’s GDP is just $ 0.94 trillion more than the US relief package.

By population:

  • India has a population of 138 crores. The Modi government will spend around Rs 1,200 on an average on a citizen through relief packages.
  • America has a population of 33 million. The Trump government is spending an average of Rs 4.55 lakh on every citizen through the relief package.

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